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Main Features

nQubed image

nQubed is the classic 3D cube puzzle.

Scramble the cube and restore all the sides to their original state.

nQubed Lite is the free version of the app with limited functionality.

nQubed Orientation Position

Looking for more of a challenge?

Don't just place the cubes by color, but also place them in their proper orientation and position!

Rotate the cube and layers with simple one-finger control.

Ability to pause timer and resume solution later.

Autopause when switching to a different app or turning off the device.

Make a mistake? Undo and Redo moves.

In-app volume control.

Plus many more features.

nQubed is supported by devices running iOS 5.1 or higher, including:

  • iPhone 3GS or newer (not 3G)
  • iPod touch 3rd Generation or newer
  • iPad

Available on the App Store.

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