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Main Features

Cube Settings

2 Cube White

7 Cube Black

Select sizes from a 2‑Cube (2x2x2) to a 7‑Cube (7x7x7) (unavailable in nQubed Lite).

Choose Black or White cube colors.

Choose Colors or Stone textures.     

1 Cube Stone

Choose options to require correct Orientation or Position of cubes, or both.

3 Cube Orient

4 Cube Position

Cubes size 3 and higher have centers that can be oriented in four different directions.

Cubes size 4 and higher have centers that can be positioned in multiple different locations.

The Orientation and Position options increase the difficulty for a greater challenge.

Cube Faces

Cube Faces

Desire a specific color scheme for your cube?

Have problems seeing certain colors?

You have nine different colors to create the custom cube you wish, or choose from some premade cube styles.

Or you can select a picture from those contained in your photo album.


Multiple background screens for you to select from, including complex fractals, outdoor scenes, or plain colors.


Saves the top 100 performances, sorted by time or moves, for all cube types and sizes (unavailable in nQubed Lite).

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